rsmithpic2012Dr. Smith is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Winston-Salem State   University with research interests in urban and political geography. His specific research interests include local government boundary change (e.g. annexation and incorporation) and a variety of urban planning issues including urban sustainability. Dr. Smith is the author of several research publications, contracted reports, and presentations. He has been published in Urban Geography, Southeastern Geographer, State and Local Government Review, and Geographical Review.  Currently, Dr. Smith is working on a $100,000 HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant in the Western Piedmont of North Carolina.                     

Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Smith was an AICP urban planner for numerous organizations within the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. Dr. Smith’s 10 years of state and local government planning experience compliment his research and teaching agenda. His employment history includes working as a city planner for Graham, NC, providing planning assistance to the entire twelve county Piedmont Triad region, and serving as the Assistant Director of Planning for the City of Burlington, NC. He has had the opportunity to work on a variety of urban planning related projects. Specifically, he has developed land use plans, administered zoning and subdivision ordinances, and he has worked with a variety of elected and appointed boards and commissions. These experiences help him provide students with “real world” examples and lessons related to human geography, urban geography, planning, and economic development.

During his employment as an urban planner in North Carolina, he had a successful track record of obtaining external funding through writing and receiving grants. Dr. Smith has been responsible for securing more than $2 million in federal and state funding for some of the jurisdictions where he was employed. Dr. Smith has also recently finished working on several contracted reports including the 2010 Burlington Annexation Study, Davidson County Land Development Plan Update and the Burlington-Greensboro I-40 Corridor Study.

Curriculum Vitae

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